049 two-component epoxy filling compound

Two-component resin for covering and hermetisation of all components in electronics, telecommunications and radio-technics. It is characterized by excellent electric insulation and good adhesion to virtually all groups of materials. Epoxy resin is an excellent
material with a very wide range of applications:
– for castings and covers to protect electrical components, such as coils, transformers, capacitors, resistors, cable ends connectors,
– excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates,
– good bond strength even in difficult weather conditions.
It retains its properties at high temperatures.

Product Description

Instructions for use: Clean, degrease and dry the system. Add the content of the syringe (hardener) to the container with the covering and mix thoroughly. Use the prepared mass within 12-15 minutes.
The hardening time is approx. 24 hours (the hardening degree is 80-90%).
The seasoning time to complete hardening is approx. 7 days.

Technical Card Epoxy filling compound 049


Viscosity in 25°C 2000 ÷ 30000 [mPa∙s]
Density in 20°C 1,16 [g/cm³]
Number of epoxy 0,480 - 0,510 [mol/100g]
Form liquid
Operating temperature >55°C