AG Silver

AG Silver in the thermal grease is added silver compounds, use the high thermal conductivity of silver to make up the shortage of the carbon-silicon compounds. The color of the thermal grease is silver, the thermal conductivity is much higher than the common carbon-silicon compounds.

Product Description

Ideal as a transmitter of heat from the heat pipe condenser to exchanger in a vacuum solar collector.

Technical Card AG Silver


color silver
thermal conductivity > 3,8 W/mK
thermal impedance < 0.087 °C in2/W
specific gravity > 1.7 g/cm3
evaporation < 0,001
bleed < 0,05
dielectric constant > 5.1
viscosty non-flowing
thixotropic index 380+/-10
operation temperature -30 ~300 °C
moment beared temperature -50 ~340 °C