Easy Print Sn62Pb36Ag2

A ‘No Clean’ type paste is designed for soldering SMD components in production processes that do not include washing phase. Apart from metals powders, the product composition includes resin based and solvent based flux, activators that remove oxides and thixotropic additions, responsible for viscosity and plasticity. The paste does not lose its physical and chemical properties even after being left for 20 hours on the PCB. This time depends on conditions in room: humidity and temperature.

Additional properties of the paste:
– it does not contain chlorides,
– flux residue neither corrodes, nor requires washing,
– soldered joints have good mechanical and electrical properties.

Product Description

  • electronics
  • electrotechnics
  • automatic soldering
  • manual soldering
  • surface mounting
  • for automatic PCBs
  • for manual PCBs

Technical Card Soldering profile Sn62 Pb36 Ag2