Penetrating and lubricating preparation

Penetrating and lubricating preparation provides long lasting protection against leaching and abrasion. The product easily reaches all the nooks and crannies. It actively displaces water, permanently adheres to the metal surface forming a moisture-resistant protective and lubricating layer. The product is a very effective penetrating mean that helps to loosen seizured combinations of metals. Molybdenum disulfide contained in the preparation reduces friction of the components thus extending their life time. This improves conductivity of the electrical contacts, removes moisture from the ignition system and pipes, and prevents from corrosion of metal parts. The product protects rubber gaskets against harmful effects of the weather conditions. In addition, it prevents freezing and sticking of rubber to metal. It dries batteries pipes and terminals thereby preventing from wearing and short circuits.
  • Perfect for maintenance of weapons. Lubricating hinges. Battery terminals.
  • Steering lines in mowers and motorcycles.
  • Prevents from freezing of car locks in winter.
  • It effectively loosens the protected parts (screws, threads, etc…).
  • The product does not damage painted surfaces, rubber or aluminium.