PVB Varnish 60

General purpose paint for PCBs.
Fast-drying, transparent PVB film with good insulation properties. Protects PCBs and other elements operating in adverse weather conditions against corrosion. The coating protects PCBs against formation of stray currents and short circuits.
Creates protective and insulating layer that protects against atmospheric conditions, such as moisture, oxidation, dusts, chemical contaminations; Good adhesion to metal, plastic and wooden surfaces; Creates a coating resistant to diluted acids, alkalis and weather conditions; It is possible to solder through the paint layer; Prevents sparking and corona discharges; Reduces break-downs between tracks; Does not change the transparency and flexibility even after a long time;


Insulates and protects electronics, printed circuit boards, cables and wires, high voltage transformers, windings in electric motors; In the automotive industry in order to avoid short-circuits; Seals plastic casings of plugs and sockets; Creates protective layers in electromechanics and power industry.

Application temperature range: -40°C +60°C. Operating temperature -50°C – 150°C. Flash point – 380°C.