Silicon paste N

The silicone paste provides insulation and protection against weathering. The product prevents from breakdowns, preserves rubber, plastic and, what is important, features a wide range of operating temperatures: from -50°C to 200°C, a very good chemical resistance to oxidation, aqueous solutions of acids, bases and salts, sulfur dioxide, and ammonia.

Product Description

  • provides insulation and protection against weathering
  • prevents from breakdowns
  • preserves rubber

Technical Card Silicon paste N


density 1,02 ÷ 1,04 g/cm2
penetration, before processing, after processing 180 ÷ 220 to 270 mm
operating temperature -40 ÷ 200 °C
weight loss wihin 24h at 200°C 5 %
specific heat 0.3 kcal/kg - °C
water extract 4 ÷ 6 pH
dielectric constant at 100Hz 2.9
loss tangent 100Hz, max 0,003
cross-through resistance, min 1015 Ohm x cm
breakdown voltage ~30 kV/mm