The product is a liquid encapsulating compound, two-component. Curing takes place at room temperature. The material provides a thermal conductivity and low expansion. Ideal for encapsulating or filling gaps in heat-generating electronic components with metal enclosures or heat sinks. Has an excellent fluidity when dosing and encapsulating. After curing it does not detach due to the cyclic heating from the surface to which it adheres. The cured product is dry to the touch.

Product Description

How to use: The system must be cleaned, degreased and dried. Add the contents of the syringe (hardener) to the container with the compound and mix thoroughly. Pour over the system and season for approx. 24 hours at the room temperaturę.

Application: Encapsulation of electronic/electrical circuits. Energy converters. Power semiconductors. Power supplies.

Automotive electronics. Traffic control. Telecommunications. Computers and peripherals.

Application of the condensation sealant in a closed circuit may cause appearance of deleterious white cover, which does not affect the operation of the system.

Technical Card Two Component Silicone Encapsulating Compound 011