Ceramic grease


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Ceramic grease – The product is ideal for use on parts under heavy mechanical and thermal loads. Working temperatures: -40 to 1200°C. Prevents the ‘seizure’ of metals. Anti-corrosion and anti-seizure properties – excellent protection. Facilitates dismounting of the pre-lubricated parts. It does not contain metal compounds or silicone. It is resistant to chemicals, water and weather conditions.

Aerosol 100ml
Properties Value
Capacity 100ml
Package Aerosol
Number of pcs in the package 4/20
Product code ART.AGT-166
Bar code 5901764327653
Smar ceramiczny Aerosol 400ml
Properties Value
Capacity 400ml
Package Aerosol
Number of pcs in the package 4 / 12
Product code ART.AGT-177
Bar code 5901764327691
Capacity Package Number of pcs in the package Art. code Bar code
100ml Aerosol 4/20 ART.AGT-166 5901764327653
Smar ceramiczny 400ml Aerosol 4 / 12 ART.AGT-177 5901764327691

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Ceramic grease