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Freeze, a cooling preparation used to find failures with thermal method, provides quick cooling down to the temperature of –55°C, by proper usage it allows us to locally cool down assemblies, the preparation is perfectly suitable for finding “cold solderings”, microcrashes of circuits in PCBs, can be used to test thermostats, thermistors, varistors and other assemblies operating at variable temperatures, chemically pure, non-toxic and neutral to majority of materials.

Zamrażacz Aerosol 300ml
Properties Value
Capacity 300ml
Package Aerosol
Number of pcs in the package 4 / 12
Product code ART.AGT-020
Bar code 5901764320531
Zamrażacz Aerosol 600ml
Properties Value
Capacity 600ml
Package Aerosol
Number of pcs in the package 4 / 12
Product code ART.AGT-129
Bar code 5901764327868
Capacity Package Number of pcs in the package Art. code Bar code
Zamrażacz 300ml Aerosol 4 / 12 ART.AGT-020 5901764320531
Zamrażacz 600ml Aerosol 4 / 12 ART.AGT-129 5901764327868

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