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Gel flux is the condensed rosin type flux of RMA class, 1.1.2/3 A type according to ISO 9454-1, intended for SMT assembly and repairs. Flux gel can be applied through a sieve, pattern or from a syringe. Activators utilized in flux manufacturing process enable to leave its remnants after soldering on the package (as far as the process does not include washing phases).

topnik żel Syringe 1,4ml
Properties Value
Capacity 1,4ml
Package Syringe
Number of pcs in the package 5
Product code ART.AGT-047
Bar code 5901764329435
topnik żel Plastic box 100cm3
Properties Value
Capacity 100cm3
Package Plastic box
Number of pcs in the package 1/4
Product code ART.AGT-089
Bar code 5901764329329
Cartouche 10ml
Properties Value
Capacity 10ml
Package Cartouche
Number of pcs in the package 2
Product code ART.AGT-179
Bar code 5901764327721
topnik żel Syringe 14cm3
Properties Value
Capacity 14cm3
Package Syringe
Number of pcs in the package 2
Product code ART.AGT-088
Bar code 5901764329312
Capacity Package Number of pcs in the package Art. code Bar code
topnik żel 1,4ml Syringe 5 ART.AGT-047 5901764329435
topnik żel 100cm3 Plastic box 1/4 ART.AGT-089 5901764329329
10ml Cartouche 2 ART.AGT-179 5901764327721
topnik żel 14cm3 Syringe 2 ART.AGT-088 5901764329312

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Gel flux