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Kontakt U, blend of solvents for removing fat, used for cleaning electronic assemblies and electric contacts, removes fat, dirt, old greases and oils, silicones, sulfides and oxides dissolved with KONTAKT S, and all substances remaining after soldering (including rosin).

Preparat czyszczący kontakt U Aerozol 60ml
Properties Value
Capacity 60ml
Package Aerozol
Number of pcs in the package 4/20
Product code ART.AGT-011
Bar code 5901764329091
Aerozol 300ml
Properties Value
Capacity 300ml
Package Aerozol
Number of pcs in the package 12
Product code ART.AGT-012
Bar code 5901764329114
Aerozol 400ml
Properties Value
Capacity 400ml
Package Aerozol
Number of pcs in the package 4/24
Product code ART.AGT-226
Bar code 5901764325208
Metal bottle 1L
Properties Value
Capacity 1L
Package Metal bottle
Number of pcs in the package 1
Product code ART.AGT-097
Bar code 5901764329817
Capacity Package Number of pcs in the package Art. code Bar code
Preparat czyszczący kontakt U 60ml Aerozol 4/20 ART.AGT-011 5901764329091
300ml Aerozol 12 ART.AGT-012 5901764329114
400ml Aerozol 4/24 ART.AGT-226 5901764325208
1L Metal bottle 1 ART.AGT-097 5901764329817

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