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PCB PLUS cleaner is designed to clean any residues after soldering from the surfaces of printed circuit boards. It dissolves flux residues, including rosin. The liquid does not attack the substrate or structural elements of printed circuit boards. Special brush allows to precisely access to the cleaned surface, for this reason it may remove even the smallest particles and debris. Perfect for cleaning PCBs after repair and assembly.

Aerosol 400ml
Properties Value
Capacity 400ml
Package Aerosol
Number of pcs in the package 12
Product code ART.AGT-238
Bar code 5901764325260
zmywacz pcb plus Aerosol 100ml
Properties Value
Capacity 100ml
Package Aerosol
Number of pcs in the package 4/20
Product code ART.AGT-237
Bar code 5901764325291
Capacity Package Number of pcs in the package Art. code Bar code
400ml Aerosol 12 ART.AGT-238 5901764325260
zmywacz pcb plus 100ml Aerosol 4/20 ART.AGT-237 5901764325291

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