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SMD NO CLEAN RF800 soldering flux, Colophony-based flux of medium activity with excellent wetting properties. It wets perfectly surfaces made of Cu or PbSn and does not require washing.

APPLICATION: Automatic soldering in industrial and home electronics, whitening of wire ends, various assembly works, soldering of passivated surfaces.

topnik Plastic bottle with applicator 15ml
PackagePlastic bottle with applicator
Number of pcs in the package20
Product codeART.AGT-042
Bar code5901764320241
topnik Plastic bottle with brush 50ml
PackagePlastic bottle with brush
Number of pcs in the package8
Product codeART.AGT-248
Bar code5901764325420
topnik Plastic bottle with brush 100ml
PackagePlastic bottle with brush
Number of pcs in the package8
Product codeART.AGT-109
Bar code5901764329961
topnik RF800 Plastic bottle 1L
PackagePlastic bottle
Number of pcs in the package1
Product codeART.AGT-043
Bar code5901764329145
CapacityPackageNumber of pcs in the packageArt. codeBar code
topnik15mlPlastic bottle with applicator20ART.AGT-0425901764320241
topnik50mlPlastic bottle with brush8ART.AGT-2485901764325420
topnik100mlPlastic bottle with brush8ART.AGT-1095901764329961
topnik RF8001LPlastic bottle1ART.AGT-0435901764329145

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Flux RF800