Sodium persulfate B327


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Sodium persulfate B327, a compound for etching of printed circuit boards and pickling of copper. An ideal alternative to ferric chloride. It is readily soluble and does not crystallize from the solution. It etches evenly, ensures the sharpness of contours and minimizes undercutting.

Usage: Dissolve the preparation in 0.5 l of water at a temperature of 50°C. Perform etching at 40°C (max. 50°C). Bath movement ensures quicker etching. The etching solution must not be stored in hermetically sealed containers due to the risk of developing overpressure and cracks.

Nadsiarczan sodowy B327 String bag 250g
Properties Value
Capacity 250g
Package String bag
Number of pcs in the package 30
Product code ART.AGT-090
Bar code 5901764329336
String bag 100g
Properties Value
Capacity 100g
Package String bag
Number of pcs in the package 80
Product code ART.AGT-084
Bar code 5901764329183
Nadsiarczan sodowy B327 String bag 500g
Properties Value
Capacity 500g
Package String bag
Number of pcs in the package 15
Product code ART.AGT-091
Bar code 5901764329343
Nadsiarczan sodowy B327 Plastic bottle 1kg
Properties Value
Capacity 1kg
Package Plastic bottle
Number of pcs in the package 1/16
Product code ART.AGT-122
Bar code 5901764327165
Capacity Package Number of pcs in the package Art. code Bar code
Nadsiarczan sodowy B327 250g String bag 30 ART.AGT-090 5901764329336
100g String bag 80 ART.AGT-084 5901764329183
Nadsiarczan sodowy B327 500g String bag 15 ART.AGT-091 5901764329343
Nadsiarczan sodowy B327 1kg Plastic bottle 1/16 ART.AGT-122 5901764327165

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Sodium persulfate B327