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Solder paste acc. to DIN EN 29454-1 1.1.2.C is a medium activity flux in the form of a paste, based on rosin and organic halogen activator, for easy soldering of copper, silver, zinc and nickel items. It is used in lead-tinning and soldering in the radio and telecommunication technology as well as in installation of electrical equipment. Post-soldering flux residues do not cause corrosion of non-ferrous metals and may remain on the joints. (it is advisable to wash them with alcohol remover). The product is used where rosin is not enough.

pasta lutownicza Metal bottle 20g
Properties Value
Capacity 20g
Package Metal bottle
Number of pcs in the package 50
Product code ART.AGT-036
Bar code 5901764327141
pasta lutwonicza Metal bottle 40g
Properties Value
Capacity 40g
Package Metal bottle
Number of pcs in the package 50/100
Product code ART.AGT-037
Bar code 5901764329046
pasta lutownicza Metal bottle 100g
Properties Value
Capacity 100g
Package Metal bottle
Number of pcs in the package 30
Product code ART.AGT-038
Bar code 5901764329053
Capacity Package Number of pcs in the package Art. code Bar code
pasta lutownicza 20g Metal bottle 50 ART.AGT-036 5901764327141
pasta lutwonicza 40g Metal bottle 50/100 ART.AGT-037 5901764329046
pasta lutownicza 100g Metal bottle 30 ART.AGT-038 5901764329053

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Solder paste