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Thermal conductive paste HP is necessary for correct operation of any type of temperature sensors. It protects from weather conditions and prevents from breakthrough. It is characterized by very good chemical resistance for oxidation, water solutions of acids, alkalis and salts, sulphur dioxide and ammonia. It has a very wide range of work temperatures. Thermal conductiviti > 1.5 W/mK.

Cartouche 60g
Properties Value
Capacity 60g
Package Cartouche
Number of pcs in the package 1
Product code ART.AGT-125
Bar code 5901764327196
Plastic box 100g
Properties Value
Capacity 100g
Package Plastic box
Number of pcs in the package 6
Product code ART.AGT-127
Bar code 5901764327219
termospray HP Aerosol 100ml
Properties Value
Capacity 100ml
Package Aerosol
Number of pcs in the package 4/20
Product code ART.AGT-147
Bar code 5901764327431
Plastic box 1kg
Properties Value
Capacity 1kg
Package Plastic box
Number of pcs in the package 1
Product code ART.AGT-113
Bar code 5901764327042
Capacity Package Number of pcs in the package Art. code Bar code
60g Cartouche 1 ART.AGT-125 5901764327196
100g Plastic box 6 ART.AGT-127 5901764327219
termospray HP 100ml Aerosol 4/20 ART.AGT-147 5901764327431
1kg Plastic box 1 ART.AGT-113 5901764327042

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Thermal conductive paste HP