Products for printed circuit boards

Products for printed circuit boards

- Sodium persulfate
- Ferrous chloride
- Alcohol PCB cleaner
...and more

Aerosol & technical liquids

- Kontakt IPA, PR, S, U
- Compressed air
...and more

Greases and oils

- Machine oil
- Vaseline
- Copper grease
...and more

Welding & brazing

- Flux AG5, LP1, RF800, TK83
- AG Soldering Acid
- Solder Paste
...and more

Agents & cleaning kits

- AG Termoclean
- Glass cleaner
- Dust-free dry cloths

Heat conductibe products

- AG Thermopads
- Thermal Grease H, HP, HPX
- AG Gold
...and more

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The AG TermoPasty Grzegorz Gąsowski Company was established in March 2007.

We are manufacturers of chemical materials for electronics and cleaning products for computers. Our business activities cover the whole territory of Poland, many member states of the European Union, and a number of other countries. Our experience guarantees comprehensive and professional services for the customers, including sales and technical support.

We enjoy increasing confidence among the customers and our market position is growing stronger every day. Our assets are a wide range of products, attractive prices and instant delivery to the buyer.

AG Termopasty Grzegorz Gasowski

ul. Kolejowa 33 E,
18-218 Sokoły
NIP 966-17-67-714

tel: +48 86 274 13 42
fax: +48 86 274 13 50