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AG TermoPasty

AG TermoPasty is a Polish producer of chemical materials for the production of electronics. We manufacture advanced thermally conductive material. We provide a guarantee of high quality and excellent parameters of our products that perfectly reduce the temperature of work of elements and improve the process of heat removal outside. Thermoconductive materials are also a solution to obtain greater miniaturization, less weight and simpler construction (thanks to the lack of such elements as the heat sink or ventilation holes), which saves a lot of energy and reduces costs.




Wide asortment

We guarantee maintenance of inventory levels at the required level.


Competitive price

Our prices are lower compared to similar products from producers in Western Europe


Quick delivery

We have maximized the logistics processes, thanks to which your order will reach you much faster


AG TermoPasty today has over 80 products in various capacities, differentiated in the following product categories:

Aerosols and technical fluids

Soldering and welding

Electroconductive materials

Resin for hermetization

Products for circuit boards

Agents and cleaning kits

Heat conductive products

Greases and oils

Testing agents

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We care about exemplary communication with clients. We are prepared to provide adequate support.







Customer service

We provide technical consulting in the area of ​​matching products to the needs of a specific application, from a small device to large production lines. We focus on continuous development and improvement. The employees of AG TermoPasty take part in a series of external trainings, raising their qualifications. Thanks to this, we are able to provide our contractors with comprehensive information on the products we offer. We work with passion and enthusiasm, we care for every detail of our business, and our attention is directed primarily to the needs of our clients.


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